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Digital Navigation
Smart Future

Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life Learn More
Partners Become a Partner
H3C has entered international markets to offer IT industry enterprises worldwide opportunities to become leading Digital Solutions providers. Learn More
Product & Technology Wi-Fi 6
H3C’s new generation of wireless products focus on quality scenario-based applications, high bandwidth, low latency, smart operations and maintenance, and smart network optimization, leading the new wireless experience in the era of Wi-Fi 6. Learn More
Leading Insights IDC
Future Connectivity: The New Rigid Demand of the Digital Era
Ten-Year Development History and Outlook of China’s Enterprise-Level WLAN Market Learn More
Solutions Application-Driven Data Center Solution
H3C’s AD-DC solution leverages cloud computing, an SDN, big data, AI and other technologies to deliver agile, resilient, secure and intelligent new-generation data center infrastructures, enabling the digital transformation of countless industries. Learn More
Solutions H3C Cloud Computing Solutions
With highly integrated devices, networks and services, H3C can provide all-scenario cloud computing solutions, enabling flexible resource expansion with trustworthy and reliable service. It supports industrial upgrades through a full range of hardware and software capabilities. Learn More
Product & Technology H3C S10500X Series Next Generation Multiservice Core Switch
The S10500X is a next-generation flagship product for campus. It uses a brand-new hardware architecture design and a highly integrated SDN that support the digital transformation of campus. Learn More
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